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Dave Helmly: What's New in Premiere Pro CC Spring April 2017 Update (NAB 2017)

In this video I’ll review the top features in the Spring 2017 release of Premiere Pro CC v11.1. 
You’ll see an entirely new workflow for creating Motion Graphics Templates (Premiere and AfterEffects) and our new file format for these templates - .mogrt files. We are also introducing an intuitive way to work with Audio called the Essential Sound Panel. I’ll cover our initial support for Ambisonic VR audio, contribute to Adobe Stock , and new support for DynamicLink for Team Projects. —Dave Helmly

Screenlight: Collaborating with Team Projects in Adobe Premiere Pro

There's always a level of ambiguity around beta software, and Adobe's Team Projects no different. How does it work? Who's it for? This Screenlight blog post written by Adobe Certified Trainer, Nick Harauz, answers those questions in one of the most definitive Team Projects tutorials to date. Specifically, this post focuses on collaborating with Team Projects in Premiere Pro, not After Effects. (Remember, Team Projects does not support Dynamic Link with After Effects at this time.) Nick covers everything you need to know to get started with Team Projects: creating a Team Project, sharing, media mapping, conflict resolution and version history. He also has a section on Ingest settings, which includes how to setup a proxy workflow in Team Projects.

Working with multiple team members in post- production has been simplified with Team Projects. The new feature is available in the latest release of Creative Cloud. To use it, you’ll need a Creative Cloud account for Teams or Enterprise. Once you’re setup, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude allow for multiple video editors, producers and motion graphic designers to work simultaneously in each application sharing various versions of there work. —Nick Harauz, Screenlight Blog

Studio Network Solutions: Adobe Team Projects and Premiere Pro with EVO Shared Storage

See how Adobe Team Projects can be used with network storage. Studio Network Solutions, a network storage provider has published a blog post and video that talks about Adobe's Team Projects, a hosted collaboration service that allows video creators to work in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude simultaneously. The post is a clear overview of what Team Projects is and who it's for. The video especially demonstrates how the media for Team Projects can be housed on the EVO, a shared storage server by Shared Network Solutions. Whether you're looking for storage options or want to learn more about Team Projects, this short blog post and video is well worth your time.

Adobe CC Enterprise and Teams subscribers with Premiere Pro CC 2017 can now natively share, manage, and collaborate within a single team project file from anywhere in the world — a huge step forward for collaborative post production workflows with Premiere. —Studio Network Solutions How Team Projects Changes the Way You Work

Want to learn more about Adobe Team Projects? This blog post by Mark Christiansen gives one of the first in-depth looks at the new Team Projects (beta) now available in the CC 2017. Mark covers a bunch of little known details about Team Projects, for example: Team Projects is currently available only to Creative Cloud for Teams and Enterprise users. Also, features like Dynamic Link are not yet supported in the beta version Team Projects. 

The latest version of Creative Cloud adds a set of features collectively known as a Team Project. Team Projects is a feature that is so new and different, it tends to raise inaccurate assumptions as to what it is or does. It is also currently in beta, and not available to all users. Here’s a look at what it does, how it works, and how it could change post-production collaboration. —Mark Christiansen,