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Olohuonetuotanto: How to use Master Styles in Premiere Pro to Make Translations of Your Videos

Have you done any translation videos for your clients? If you are working with Adobe Premiere Pro and If you have like 100 text layers --- you need to change for example the font color for all of them - that's going to be hard (to change the color to the 100 layers) - UNLESS you have applied a MASTER STYLE to your text layers. You can do as many master styles you want and use different font families, color, size etc. for each style. This master style thing comes very handy when you think you need suddenly to change your video's 100 text layers font size or anything else. This little thing saves you lot's of time. —Olohuonetuotanto

Justin Odisho: How to Create Captions and Subtitles for Your Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial, I will show you how to use the Captions tool and window to easily create open or closed captions and subtitles for your videos. Whether you are creating a film or documentary or short clip for social media, captions can really help you tell your story and BOOST viewer engagement with your content and clips. —Justin Odisho

Motion Array: How To Create Subtitles and Captions in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, we're going to learn to create great subtitles! However, we're going to use a method that you may be less familiar with. If you thought that we were going to use the type tool or legacy titles, you're in good company, but we're actually going to use something different. Premiere Pro has a feature called "captions" that you can use to create subtitles. The main difference is that this feature gives you the option to create subtitles that can be turned on and off after the video has been exported! —Motion Array