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Studio Network Solutions: Adobe Team Projects and Premiere Pro with EVO Shared Storage

See how Adobe Team Projects can be used with network storage. Studio Network Solutions, a network storage provider has published a blog post and video that talks about Adobe's Team Projects, a hosted collaboration service that allows video creators to work in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude simultaneously. The post is a clear overview of what Team Projects is and who it's for. The video especially demonstrates how the media for Team Projects can be housed on the EVO, a shared storage server by Shared Network Solutions. Whether you're looking for storage options or want to learn more about Team Projects, this short blog post and video is well worth your time.

Adobe CC Enterprise and Teams subscribers with Premiere Pro CC 2017 can now natively share, manage, and collaborate within a single team project file from anywhere in the world — a huge step forward for collaborative post production workflows with Premiere. —Studio Network Solutions

Studio Network Solutions: Export to Premiere Pro is coming to ShareBrowser

This week, Studio Network Solutions announced their ShareBrowser version 4.4 release, which will include a new Export to Premiere feature. Users will be able to export ShareBrowser metadata directly to Premiere Pro. ShareBrowser custom tags will be mapped to the Description metadata column, and ShareBrowser comments will be mapped to the Log Notes metadata column.

We’ve created a deeper integration with Premiere Pro that can be used to quickly export media and ShareBrowser metadata directly into the NLE. —Studio Network Solutions