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Adobe: The Art of the Edit – Insights From the Front Lines

Join a lively discussion with master editors and post-production pros – including Lisa Zeno Churgin from Old Man and the Gun, Kyle Reiter of Atlanta, and Sofia Subercasseaux from TYREL — as they share insights on how to take the art and craft of editing to the next level. Learn as these accomplished editors discuss the relationship between editors and directors, the role editing plays in storytelling, and how technology helps bring their creative vision to life. —Adobe

Adobe: Sofía Subercaseaux Edits “TYREL” and “Piercing” (In Premiere Pro)

For Editor Sofía Subercaseaux, 2017 was a busy year. The native Chilean, who now resides in Brooklyn, edited two films — TYREL and Piercing — which will both debut at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival... A self-taught Adobe Premiere Pro user, Sofía was in the midst of editing Piercing, a film by Director Nick Pesche, when she was approached with the opportunity to cut TYREL. —Adobe