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Motion Array: How to Make Bad Videos Look Good in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial we explore how to make bad videos look good in premiere pro. There are times when your footage has problems, but re-shooting isn't an option. In this situation, "fixing in post" is necessary. We will go over 5 different situations to fixing bad videos in Premiere Pro: 1. Out Of Focus Video, 2. Shaky Video, 3. Overexposed Video, 4. Embrace Mistakes For Style, 5. Hide Mistakes With Distractions. —Motion Array

Justin Odisho: Earthquake Camera Shake Transition Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Shake up your edit with this earthquake/camera shake transition tutorial from Justin Odisho. In this video, he will show you how to use the Directional Blur effect in Premiere Pro to hide a cut from one clip to another. As Justin says at 1:40, the key to is using an adjustment layer to animate the effect across edit points. He also uses footage that was shot with quite a bit of shake, which makes this transition style very appropriate.

In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial, I will demonstrate how to create an earthquake or camera shake transition effect using directional blur, keyframes, and adjustment layers! —Justin Odisho