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Digital Anarchy: Samurai Sharpen for Adobe Premiere Pro

Digital Anarchy, the company known for Beauty Box, released a brand new plugin: Samurai Sharpen. This new sharpening tool for Premiere Pro is sharp and smart! It allows you to sharpen specific areas in your footage with built-in masks and edge-aware algorithms. Check out the full list of features for more information. Also, check out this overview by Jose Antunes for ProVideo Coalition: Digital Anarchy Releases Samurai Sharpen for Video. Or this article by postPerspective: Digital Anarchy’s new video sharpening tool for FCP X, Premiere and AE.

Samurai Sharpen allows you to do this quickly with tools designed to let you easily isolate specific areas of the footage and only sharpen those areas. It's state-of-the-art sharpening for video footage that's precise and simple. —Digital Anarchy