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RedShark News: Premiere Pro Video Transitions 101: A Step-by-Step Guide [sponsored]

This RedShark News blog post is an introduction to transitions in Premiere Pro for beginners. It's also an introduction to RocketStock's Stanza, a video transition pack for Premiere Pro with over 200 transitions. As best I can tell, Stanza's transitions are not effects, they're clips that you can lay over your footage in combination with the Track Matte Key and other effects in Premiere Pro. Cool stuff!

With Premiere Pro, you don’t need to be a seasoned editor to add seamless video transitions to your project. Whether you’re stitching together vacation videos for the first time or putting the final touches on your YouTube debut, it’s easy to achieve a professional look when moving from shot A to shot B. —RedShark News


RocketStock: Tips For Editing Audio in Premiere Pro

Need some resources for editing audio in Premiere Pro? Jourdan Aldredge will hook you up with four helpful YouTube tutorials in this RocketStock blog post. Techniques covered in these tutorials include mastering audio, audio effects and removing background noise. Admittedly, this is curating curated content. But audio is often a downplayed part of the editing process, so I try to promote Premiere Pro audio tutorials when I can. Even if it means recycling content.

Recording audio is an important part of production that’s often overlooked, which can create some aggravating problems in post. Here are some solutions for cleaning up audio in Premiere Pro. —Jourdan Aldredge, RocketStock Blog


Rocketstock: Video Codecs and Image Sequences with Alpha Channels

To beginners, "Alpha channel" sounds like a sci-fi term, like some kind of video 4th dimension. Simply put, it's transparency, something that can be seen through. For example, if you have a graphic that you want export and overlay on top of your video, you need to export it in a format that allows everything but the graphic to be transparent. Otherwise your graphic will be surrounded by black video. This Rocketstock blog post by Michael Maher is a quick look at some of the codecs and image formats that support an alpha channel. These formats can be used when exporting out of Premiere Pro or Adobe Media Encoder.

Creating an overlay or title sequence that you want to make sure keeps the alpha channel on export? Here are some of the best video codecs and image sequences that will make layering clips a breeze. —Michael Maher, Rocketstock blog


Working With After Effects Text Templates Inside Premiere Pro

In this RocketStock blog post, Jourdan Aldredge shares a step-by-step guide on how to create live text templates in After Effects and Dynamically Link them in Premiere Pro. This gives Premiere Pro editors the ability to customize the comp's text inside the Effect Controls panel. This blog post demonstrates the process with animated GIFs and a YouTube video tutorial by The Video Course.

Looking to streamline your workflow? With Adobe’s Live Text Templates you can work seamlessly inside Premiere Pro without bouncing back and forth into After Effects. —Jourdan Aldredge