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tutvid: 17 Power Tips, Tricks, & Hacks for Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll take a dive into a number of video editing features such as a full screen edit preview, a quick text title, exporting while editing, trimming with hotkeys, quick ripple deleting, merging a cut clip together again, selecting multiple cuts and sliding clips, adding motion blur to animation, precise easing for better and smoother animation, adjustment layers, pasting or removing effects in bulk, and more! If you use Premiere, whether advanced or beginner users, you’ll probably pick up some tips or tricks in this video! —tutvid

tutvid: 7 Premiere Pro Tips & Tricks Every Video Editor Needs to Know

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we’ll look at some of my favorite things in Premiere Pro. The stuff that makes me work faster and with less stress. I’ll cover how to scrub/shuttle through your timeline faster with hotkeys, the super fast In/Out/Extract edit, the two hotkeys I added to Premiere and can’t live without, Targeting Tracks and why that’s important, reducing lag when playing your video back in Premiere, locking tracks for better ripple deletes, and adjusting audio gain for louder and better managed audio levels. —tutvid

tutvid: Edit Faster with Ripple Delete in Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will breakdown all the various ways you can use the Ripple Delete feature as well as extracting and rippling footage, creating custom hotkeys to help your editing process fly faster than you ever imagined, and also a number of default Premiere hotkey tricks that will help with both speed and precision in your next video editing project. —tutvid