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Steven Van: Create a Boomerang Video in Premiere Pro

Learn how to create a boomerang loop effect video with this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 tutorial! This video editing effect has become increasingly popular on social media platforms because of Instagram, who created the "Boomerang" feature. This tutorial is very easy so beginners should be able to follow. Only simple key framing & speed/duration changes are needed in order to achieve this look. —Steven Van

Steven Van: 15 Music Video Effects in Premiere Pro

Learn some new music video effects that you can create in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017! This tutorial doesn't require you to download any plugins or use Adobe After Effects CC. Most of the effects require you to use keyframes and blend modes (screen, add, soft light). These are a collection of my favorite effects that I've seen in films, gaming videos, TV shows and music videos. These are great effects for transitioning between clips and for epic videos. —Steve Van