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Premiere Pro 2015.3 Pascal GPU Performance

Puget Systems tests the performance of Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 on the new NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) GPU. Great read for the Premiere Pro user who doubles as a computer wiz. Definitely check out this post if you're considering building your own UHD editing suite.

With new models of video cards being launched and updates to Premiere Pro being released on a constant basis, we spend a significant amount of time here at Puget Systems re-doing testing that is at times only a few months old. In fact, although our last Premiere Pro GPU article was published only about 2 months before this article, the release of Premiere Pro 2015.3 (10.4) as well as the new NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal version) video card meant that it is already time for us to re-run our benchmarks. —Matt Bach, Puget Systems