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ProVideo Coalition: Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 NAB Update: Comparison View, Color Match and Timecode

Trade show time! You know what that means, it’s also time for another big update to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of video tools and, of course, Adobe Premiere Pro. This NAB season is no exception and while PPro doesn’t get a lot of big, never-before-seen, long-in-the-making, Earth-shattering new features we do get several nice enhancements to some existing tools. Those utilize some of the often talked about by Adobe magic they call Adobe Sensei. If you’ve watched any Adobe MAX keynotes over the last few years you’ve seen Adobe Sensei at work with some of the feature and future-feature demos they’ve showed. All that technology is filtering down into Adobe’s shipping products and we get some fruits of the Sensei labor in Premiere Pro. —Scott Simmons, ProVideo Coalition

ProVideo Coalition: ART OF THE CUT with Billy Fox, ACE on “Only the Brave”

Cutting a feature film in Premiere Pro. Billy Fox, ACE, last spoke to Art of the Cut after he cut Straight Outta Compton. Fox’s other feature film work includes Hustle and Flow, Low Riders, Footloose and Black Snake Moan. His TV work is also notable, including the critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated work on Band of Brothers and Emmy-winning editing on Law and Order. —Steve Hullfish, ProVideo Coalition

ProVideo Coalition: Add Edit-Step Through technique for Multicam Editing in Premiere Pro

If you’re editing a music video or even a multicam show with 9 + angles I just don’t think there’s any real way to effectively watch all those angles in a multicam split, in realtime, switch the angles to make a cut and really see what’s going on. If you’re a veteran multicam director maybe but most of us are not. And often your hardware can’t keep up and play all those angles in realtime so here’s the way to do it ... I don’t know the proper name for this editing technique but I call it the Add Edit – Step Through technique.  —Scott Simmons, ProVideo Coalition

ProVideo Coalition: Adobe Updates Premiere Pro CC for April 2017

Here we are on the cusp of another NAB so like we’ve seen for the last few years that must mean we are on the cusp of a big update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the whole Adobe Creative Cloud video suite. 2017 is no different … but there is one big difference this year: we won’t have to wait until sometime late summer to get the update as it should be available much sooner, probably today … maybe right now as you’re reading this (check your Creative Cloud app as it might take longer to populate to some users). —Scott Simmons, ProVideo Coalition