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Premiere Gal: How to Import and Edit Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe Premiere Pro

What is a .mogrt? It is a Motion Graphics Template. You can install a .mogrt in your Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create quick and awesome titles and transitions for your video. This tutorial will teach you the new April 2018 updates to the Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and how to install MULTIPLE motion graphics templates (.mogrts) in Premiere Pro at a time (both MAC AND PC) with the new Local Templates Folder. —Premiere Gal

Premiere Gal: Auto Ducking Music in Adobe Premiere Pro

Some of you have asked me for a in-depth tutorial on how to use the new auto-ducking in Premiere Pro CC. What is auto ducking? Well, it is in the Essential Sound Panel and it automatically lowers the music at parts where other sounds are heard in your soundtrack. But there are few things you should know to do this correctly. This tutorial will show you how to adjust sensitivity, reduce by, and the fade controls to produce the optimal “duck.”  —Premiere Gal

Premiere Gal: What's New in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Version 12.0.1 Spring 2018? Color Matching, Auto Ducking & more

You don't want to miss these Adobe CC Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC updates! This video will give you a full breakdown and tutorial on how to use these new features: Color Matching, Auto-ducking, copy and paste sequence markers, Essential Graphics user interface, Adobe Stock search, Motion Graphics Templates workflow between After Effects and Premiere Pro, and the new gradient fill! —Premiere Gal

Premiere Gal: Learn Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes | Basic Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is Adobe approved and the easiest Premiere Pro CC tutorial to get started in video editing! In this tutorial you will learn how to install Adobe Creative Cloud, how to create a Premiere Pro CC project, media organization strategies, how to import media, create sequences, add effects and transitions, create titles and graphics, color correct, and how to export your video! —Premiere Gal