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Piotr Toczyński: 3 Timeline Buttons That You Need To Use (Premiere Pro)

Every Premiere Pro Editor spends most of their time in the Timeline panel but not many uses these 3 buttons that control the way that panel works: 1. Insert and overwrite sequences as nests or individual clips button, 2. Snap button, 3. Linked Selection button In this video. I'll tell you how to use them and what they are for. You'll also learn about grouping clips together. —Piotr Toczyński

Piotr Toczyński: All you need to know about Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro

Using Warp Stabilizer can help you deal with shaky video in Premiere Pro. With this video, we start Premiere Pro Effects series. It's about a powerful effect called Warp Stabilizer. I'll show you how to apply it, how to set it up and we'll discuss everything you need to know when working with this effect. It should be useful for beginners but experienced users can be surprised about what they didn't know about Warp Stabilizer. —Piotr Toczyński

Piotr Toczyński: How to Find Right Clips in Premiere Pro Timeline

When editing video in Premiere Pro, sometimes it’s necessary to find the needed clip as quickly as possible. There is the search function 🔍in Premiere Pro that makes it easy. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to use Find in Timeline feature in Premiere Pro. For example, you can search based on the clip name, the frame rate, effects applied, markers, labels, description and so on. —Piotr Toczyński