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Peter McKinnon: How to Fake Slow Motion with Any Camera in Premiere Pro

Today we are talking SLOW MOTION! How to shoot slow motion, what frame rates are, how frame rates are used to achieve slow motion and how we can get nice slow footage even without cameras that shoot high speed! Premiere Pro has some amazing features to 'hack' slow motion and sort of fake it, to get a similar result to cameras that actually shoot high speed (slow motion). —Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon: Awesome Transitions to Make Your Videos Better! Premiere Pro Tutorial

Whats up guys! Today, were covering PART 1 of a little series I want to do on transitions. How they are important, how they improve your films AND how they could make your films worse if you use them wrong. There are SO many ways to transition between clips. Zoom transition, Spin transition (those are coming up and are a little more advanced) but today specifically, were learning Frame Blocking and masking within Premiere Pro. —Peter McKinnon 

Peter McKinnon: Create the Cinematic look FAST in Adobe Premiere Pro

We've all seen the "Cinematic Look" or the "Hollywood Look" tutorial before, right? Well, Peter McKinnon shows you how in a way that is thorough, yet simple and easy to follow. Using the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro. Peter walks through his simple process of adding more drama to his shots with a couple easy slider moves.

Learn how to create more cinematic / Hollywood looking footage with some easy tips on colour correction and a little bit of sound design. This tutorial outlines some basics in colour grading within Premiere Pro without having to use third party plug-ins. —Peter McKinnon