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Everything You Need to Know About Pancake Timelines

Many Premiere Pro users think they know pancake timeline editing in Premiere Pro. They drag and drop or copy and paste from one timeline to the other — and that's OK! But it's not editing, not in the traditional 3-point or 4-point editing sense. Certified Adobe Premiere Pro trainer, Dylan Osborn, clarifies what true pancake timeline editing is in this Done With Dylan tutorial. And he does it in less than 3 minutes! Learn more about Dylan's Premiere Pro tutorial series here: "Done with Dylan" Premiere Pro Tutorials for Intermediate Editors.

This "Done with Dylan" tutorial covers the useful features of pancake timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro. Did you know you can not only stack multiple timelines, but also insert and overwrite clips from one timeline to another? Learn all the steps in under 3 minutes. —Dylan Osborn