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DOD Media: Hack your Premiere Pro Preparation Workflow

In this tutorial, David of DOD Media reveals his tips for creating a Premiere Pro project template. Not to be confused with effect presets or Motion Graphics templates, a project template is a Premiere Pro project file that has all your custom bins, sequences, and track effects already created. Duplicate the project template, rename it, and you're ready to import your footage and start editing!

Motion Array: 5 Tips to Organize In Premiere Pro

If you like our videos, check out In this video we go over how to stay organized inside Premiere Pro. Organization in Premiere Pro is important as it can save you a lot of time if your editing process takes more than a day to complete. Here we will go over 5 different organization tips including: 1. Bins 2. Label Colors 3. Multiple Sequences 4. Remove Unused Items 5. Name Track Layers. —Motion Array

Premiumbeat: Organize Your Interviews Using Subclips in Premiere Pro

I use subclips in Adobe Premiere Pro to stay organized. They allow me to quickly reference interview sound bites without shuttling around in a lengthy raw clip. Ideally, I prefer to break my interviews into subclips right at the beginning of a project. Once I have these in place, the editing process becomes much smoother, especially if I’m working with a client or other editors. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat