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Motion Array: All About Speed In Premiere Pro

In this video we explore all about how to work with speed in Premiere Pro. Time is at the core of how video editing works, so understanding how to use it to your advantage is can give you amazing control over your project. There are a variety of ways to work with speed in Premiere Pro, but three of the most essential are the basic speed duration editor, time remapping, and stopping time in your video. —Motion Array

Peter McKinnon: How to Fake Slow Motion with Any Camera in Premiere Pro

Today we are talking SLOW MOTION! How to shoot slow motion, what frame rates are, how frame rates are used to achieve slow motion and how we can get nice slow footage even without cameras that shoot high speed! Premiere Pro has some amazing features to 'hack' slow motion and sort of fake it, to get a similar result to cameras that actually shoot high speed (slow motion). —Peter McKinnon

Orange83: Slow Motion Tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro tutorial Orange83 covers Speed/Duration adjustments, the Rate Stretch tool, keyframing speed ramps, and Optical Flow. Alternatively, you can modify the frame rate of your footage in the Project panel by right-clicking and choosing Modify > Interpret Footage. Here you can conform your high frame rate footage to match the frame rate of your final output, e.g. 60 fps to 29.97 fps. At 1:58 Orange83 covers how to create speed ramps by keyframing the speed of the clip in the timeline. Finally, at 3:46 learn how to adjust the time interpolation to Optical Flow for the smoothest slow motion results.

How to create smooth slow motions in Adobe Premiere pro cc 2017. NO plug-ins required! —Orange83