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tutvid: Global Power of Master Clip Effect in Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will take a look at how you can update and add effects to multiple clips in Premiere very easily. This technique is particularly useful when you use three-point editing. You can add clips and build out your edit and then do color grading with Lumetri Color by using Master clip effects instead of targeting every single little clip you’ve cut into the project. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and that it saves you many hours of editing in Premiere Pro. —tutvid

LACPUG: Working with Color in Adobe Premiere Pro with Karl Soule

Karl Soule joined us and went in-depth into the features of the Lumetri Color Panel within Premiere. —LACPUG

Karl also covered:

  • Introduction to the Lumetri panel.
  • Using secondaries.
  • Setting up a Tangent Element hard surface control in Premiere.
  • Use of adjustment layers to manage color on a scene level
  • Use of Master Clip Effects
  • Masking/tracking in Premiere
  • Use of LUTs and Libraries.
  • Exporting color as Premiere presets or generic LUTs for use in other tools. 
  • Using LUTs in Media Encoder for dailies and proxies.