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Adobe: Streamlining Production to Create Films with Ease

This week on Make It we're talking workflows - on set and in the editing room! Our field correspondent, Hyla, joins Dane Brehm in Burbank, CA to find out exactly what a D.I.T. or Digital Imaging Technician does to help bring movies & TV shows to big and little screens near you. Jason Levine then shows us how to manage media using proxies to enable smoother and faster workflows on any system. —Adobe

Adobe: Creating Blockbuster Movie Trailers and Title Sequences

This week on Make It, we're taking the show on the road to sunny Hollywood, CA, where we'll take a peek at how the real pros craft movie trailers and title sequences that get you out of your chair and into the theater. Our first stop is the world famous Trailer Park, where we chat with CEO & Creative Director Matt Brubaker and Editor Adam Finkelstein. We then head over to Burbank to talk with Prodigal Pictures Director & Motion Designer Danny Yount. —Adobe

Adobe: From Gamer to Creator and Tips for Epic Trailers with Derek Lieu

Video Game Trailer Editor, Derek Lieu, took an editing hobby and a love of playing video games, and merged them to bring us trailers behind games like Firewatch and Mortal Combat X. In this episode, he shows Jason his first creation EVER -- a 17-year old trailer that wouldn’t even preview in Mac OS -- and hilariously gives us a few pointers about how to make EPIC trailers. First tip? Music does most of the work. —Adobe Creative Cloud