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Larry Jordan: Using a Mask to Help Fix a Color Cast in Premiere Pro

The masks inside Adobe Premiere are both powerful and flexible, especially when it comes to color correction. Color correction allows us to fix color problems with our clips. With the recent addition of the Lumetri Color Panel to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe has gathered all of Premiere’s color correction features into one easy-to-access place; while masks allows us to specifically focus where a color change occurs. —Larry Jordan

tutvid: Cinematic Color Grading in Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we will learn to use the Lumetri Color effect to dramatically and powerfully change the mood of a shot by learning about how Curves works, how to read the vectorscopes and why they’re helpful, and a whole lot of what, why, and how to change tone, exposure, contrast, color, and look of any video that you’re working to change or make more beautiful using Lumetri Color in Premiere Pro. —tutvid