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tutvid: Create a Lower Third in After Effects & Use it in Premiere Pro with Live Text Templates

In this joint After Effects/Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll look at create a beautiful and smooth lower third animation graphic in After Effects from scratch and then we’ll save the file out and import it into Premiere Pro and use the tools in Premiere Pro to load in and edit the text in the After Effects Composition and then talk about duplicate instances of the lower third so we can have multiple lower thirds across our video project, but also so all of our lower thirds automatically update if we change something in After Effects thanks to the Dynamic Link connection between After Effects and Premiere Pro. You’re going to love this tutorial! Remember to like and subscribe! —tutvid

tutvid: Lower Thirds and Video Titles with New Titler & Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will cover how to work with the new Essential Graphics panel to build an animated title using one of the many templates included with Premiere, we’ll also cover how to create an animated title from scratch and even save it as a template so you can use it in any upcoming video editing projects you have (or just for reuse in the same project over and over,) and we’ll also cover all the ins and outs of the new Titler tool and how to work with the new set of graphics tools in Premiere Pro 2017 CC (April 2017 Update). —tutvid

The Video Course: How to Make a Lower Third that Automatically Reveals Your Text in Premiere Pro

Still recovering from a blown mind. The majority of this The Video Course tutorial is inside After Effects. The host, Kevin Anson, walks through the entire process of designing and animating a lower third that can be reused in Premiere Pro to reveal your text. This is not a Dynamic Link workflow or an AE Template. This lower third is rendered out of After Effects as a standalone asset. Kevin generously provides the project file for free below.