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Premiumbeat: How to End Audio Tracks in Premiere Pro

Here are four simple solutions for fading out audio while working in Premiere Pro. If you’re just getting into editing or aren’t accustomed to working with audio, transitioning and cutting can be tricky. Distinguishing when to fade out or make a hard cut is up to you, but knowing how to make the transition will benefit all of your future projects. Let’s take a look at some different ways to end a track. —Logan Baker, Premiumbeat

RocketStock: 5 Must-Watch Premiere Pro Tutorials

Learning the ins and outs of a new NLE can be intimidating. However, once you establish a video editing workflow, it becomes easy to integrate new tools. Even after working with Premiere Pro for years, there are still many shortcuts and features I have yet to learn. With a program this powerful, learning more about the interface never hurts, so let’s take a look at some tutorials. —Logan Baker, RocketStock

Premiumbeat: Dynamic Trimming in Premiere Pro

In this Premiumbeat blog post, Logan Baker teaches how to make trim edits during continuous looping playback in Premiere Pro. This technique is referred to as dynamic trimming, and It's great for finessing an edit point while seeing changes in context. 

"This quick tutorial covering dynamic trimming in Premiere Pro will help you achieve more precise playback while editing in the timeline." —Logan Baker, Premiumbeat