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tutvid: Create a Lower Third in After Effects & Use it in Premiere Pro with Live Text Templates

In this joint After Effects/Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll look at create a beautiful and smooth lower third animation graphic in After Effects from scratch and then we’ll save the file out and import it into Premiere Pro and use the tools in Premiere Pro to load in and edit the text in the After Effects Composition and then talk about duplicate instances of the lower third so we can have multiple lower thirds across our video project, but also so all of our lower thirds automatically update if we change something in After Effects thanks to the Dynamic Link connection between After Effects and Premiere Pro. You’re going to love this tutorial! Remember to like and subscribe! —tutvid

Motion Tutorials: Live Text Templates with After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2017

The release of CC 2017 added the ability to export After Effects compositions as Text Template projects. This new project file (.aecap) can be imported into Premiere Pro CC, where the composition text layers can be edited in the Master Clip effects tab of the Effect Controls panel. In this tutorial, Sean Frangella of Motion Tutorials walks through the process of setting up a Text Template in After Effects CC and exporting it to be used in Premiere Pro CC.

In this After Effects CC 2017 Tutorial, learn how to create live text templates between Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro using the new live text template feature in Creative Cloud 2017. —Sean Frangella, Motion Tutorials


Jamie Brightmore: Highlight / colour individual words in Premiere Pro using Live Text templates from After Effects

In this blog post, filmmaker and designer, Jamie Brightmore, shows how to take advantage of live text templates in After Effects to create eye-catching onscreen text in Premiere Pro

A method for highlighting / colouring certain words in Premiere Pro using Live Text templates from After Effects. Very useful for the current trend seen in Facebook feeds where subtitles, or overlaid text, is required to attract attention. —Jamie Brightmore

Working With After Effects Text Templates Inside Premiere Pro

In this RocketStock blog post, Jourdan Aldredge shares a step-by-step guide on how to create live text templates in After Effects and Dynamically Link them in Premiere Pro. This gives Premiere Pro editors the ability to customize the comp's text inside the Effect Controls panel. This blog post demonstrates the process with animated GIFs and a YouTube video tutorial by The Video Course.

Looking to streamline your workflow? With Adobe’s Live Text Templates you can work seamlessly inside Premiere Pro without bouncing back and forth into After Effects. —Jourdan Aldredge

How To Use the NEW After Effects Live Text Templates Inside of Premiere CC 2015

Kevin Anson of The Video Course teaches how to create Dynamically Linked live text templates in After Effects for Premiere Pro. Live text templates allow editors to customize the text of an After Effects comp inside the Effect Controls panel of Premiere Pro.

This lesson covers how to use Live Text Templates in Adobe After Effects. You can create a graphic in Adobe After Effects, and then change the text all inside of Adobe Premiere. —The Video Course