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tutvid: Sliding Split Screen Transition Effect Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro Video Editing tutorial, we will use a Linear Wipe transition effect in Premiere to build a customizable split screen effect that will allow you to quickly create split screen effects to show an example of what you’re talking about on screen, to perform a full split-to-full screen transition, or to have a simple graphic (or video) pop out effect to give additional details about a scene that you’re showing in your video project. You’ll learn about animation, keyframes, the Push effect, Linear Wipes, and working with multiple clips in this tutorial. I hope you watch it and love it! —tutvid

Orange83: How to Make Fargo Style Split Screens Side by Side in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to make FARGO style split screens or side by side videos in Adobe premiere Pro. —Orange83

If you're a fan of the Fargo TV show, then you're going to enjoy this Premiere Pro tutorial by Orange83. For those who don't know, the show makes use of some creative split screens to help tell the story. Orange83 includes an example at 0:23.

Creating the Fargo-style split screen is pretty easy. Just stack the clips in the timeline, use the Crop effect on the top clip to remove unwanted edges, and position the clips to taste. Watch Orange83 starting at 1:03 create his split screen using both the Crop and Motion effects.

If you want to have a black line dividing your split screen, simply position or crop the video clips so there is a gap between them. Otherwise, you can stylize your split screen by creating your own dividing line in the Title Designer. Create a new title and use the line tool to draw a line between your clips like Orange83 does at 2:47.

It's time to get more creative with split screens. At 3:40 Orange83 shows how to create an asymmetrical split screen with three clips. Same as before, use the clips' Motion effects to size and position the clips where you want them to go. This time, instead of using the Crop effect, apply the Linear Wipe effect and adjust the Duration and Angle of the transition. In this scenario you will have to use the Title Designer if you want to create dividing lines between your clips. The result is a very cool multi-split screen.

Motion Array: Split Screens in Premiere Pro

In this cool Premiere Pro tutorial, you'll learn how to quickly and easily create a split screen effect utilizing the Linear Wipe and Transform effects. You may be thinking to yourself, "Meh, I'm awesome. I already know how to do that with my eyes closed, a beer in one hand, and my phablet in the other." But, I'm pretty sure this is created in a unique way that you're unfamiliar with. —Motion Array


Ignace Aleya, YouTuber and the force behind Tolerated Cinematics, shows how to take the Linear Wipe transition in Premiere Pro to the next level. First, Ignace customizes the angle and feather of the Linear Wipe. Then, he overlays a snowflake animation on top of the wipe, making it appear like the snowflakes wipe from one shot to the next. Check out how Ignace created his snowflake animation in After Effects.

► Learn how to use the linear wipe transition to do some cool stuff with it such as a snowflake transition. ► BUY TEMPLATE HERE —Ignace Aleya