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Justin Odisho: How to Add White Letterbox Widescreen Bars in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this tutorial I will show you how to get that cinematic film look with a fresh twist by adding white letterboxing instead of the usual black widescreen bars. Do keep in mind that this is a crop, and not exactly TRUE widescreen and this may anger some people if you don't know the difference or why you are doing it, however it can serve it's purpose for 1080p video that is going to be uploaded to Youtube which automatically letter and pillarboxes your video. Understand the rules and nature of ratios and why you are doing it and it can be ok to fake these bars sometimes to give a nod to that "film" look and if anything learn a bit of fun tools and workflow in premiere. —Justin Odisho

Chung Dha: Letterboxing Preset for Adobe Premiere Pro

In this video I am showing you how to use the Letterboxing Preset for Adobe Premiere Pro, which can be used on any 16:9 video resolutions from 720, 1080 to 4k. As Premiere Pro CC2017 have removed the Title Template screen to load templates, saving these presets will make it easier to keep the letterboxing inside of Premiere without needing to load an external title template. —Chung Dha