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Motion Array: How To Create The Sin City Effect in Premiere Pro

In this video we explore how to create the sin city effect, otherwise known as the solo color effect. This is where you create a shot that is black and white except for one color which stands out in the frame. This effect can be very powerful as it immediately draws the attention of the audience to the object left in color.
This style is created using the "leave color" effect inside of Premiere Pro. The process is incredibly simple and is achieved by selecting the desired color to be left saturated from right within your video frame. Once this is done, simply using the "amount to decolor" parameter as well as tolerance and softening will help you to achieve a more finessed look. —Motion Array

Orange83: Sin City Isolating Color Effect Tutorial for Premiere Pro

Ever wonder how to isolate a specific color and make the rest of the image black and white? Watch this Orange83 tutorial to learn how to create this look, also known as the Sin City effect, in Premiere Pro. Remember, when shooting or selecting your shot, pay attention to any colors similar to the one you want to leave behind. Any unwanted color will need to be masked out. This look uses the Leave Color effect in Premiere Pro, which you can see applied at 0:55. From there it's just a matter of making a color selection, setting the Amount to Decolor to 100%, and adjusting the Tolerance and Edge Softness as necessary. Now that you know how to do the Sin City effect in Premiere Pro, you can say,"I've been having so much fun I forgot to take my medicine."

How to achieve a SinCity film effect? Simply apply and adjust a leave color effect. This tutorial is done Adobe Premiere pro cc 2017. NO plug-ins required! —Orange83