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Larry Jordan: Using a Mask to Help Fix a Color Cast in Premiere Pro

The masks inside Adobe Premiere are both powerful and flexible, especially when it comes to color correction. Color correction allows us to fix color problems with our clips. With the recent addition of the Lumetri Color Panel to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe has gathered all of Premiere’s color correction features into one easy-to-access place; while masks allows us to specifically focus where a color change occurs. —Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan: The Current State of HDR in Apple FCP X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Not sure where the development of HDR stands? Not sure what HDR is? Legendary trainer, Larry Jordan, shares not only what HDR (High Dynamic Range) is, but also the challenges facing post-production HDR workflows and mainstream HDR consumption. At ~6:05 Larry discusses the current state of HDR support in Premiere Pro CC.

Current support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) media is a series of small steps down a very long path. Current issues include monitoring, color grading, compression and distribution. In this short video, Larry Jordan explains the current state of HDR (High Dynamic Range) media in both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. He explains where we are now and where we are headed. —Larry Jordan


Larry Jordan: Create Multicam Clips Containing Different Frame Sizes in Adobe Premiere Pro CC)

In this "Ask Larry Anything" webinar, Larry Jordan answers how to create a multi-camera sequence in Premiere Pro using clips that are 4K and 1080p. The trick is to create a multi-camera sequence in 4K, and then edit it into a 1080p sequence. Watch the video as Larry guides you through the process of creating the milt-camera sequence, and editing it into the timeline.


Closed Caption Overview in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this excerpt from a webinar, Larry Jordan gives a detailed overview of Closed Captions in Premiere Pro. He discusses how Closed Captions are different from Open Captions and Subtitles, and explains four Closed Caption file formats. This is a very informative video and will give you a good understanding of Closed Captions and how they are used.

Closed captions are intimidating! But, closed captions are also vital to understanding a movie for anyone who has trouble hearing or speaks a different language. The problem is that creating closed captions is not easy, even though captions are required for more and more media projects today. —Larry Jordan