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Jordan Dueck: 1 Simple Trick To Make Your Subjects Stand Out in Premiere Pro

Want your subjects to stand out more? It's easy! In Premiere pro it's easy to isolate your character's face or entire figure with a simple mask. The best part is that Premiere Pro is able to recognize movement in the scene and adjust so that the changes are subtle. Making your subject stand out is quick and easy, so let's dive into Premiere Pro and check out how to get this effect! —Jordan Dueck

Motion Array: How to Make a Gradient Wipe Transition (Luma Wipe)

In this tutorial we explore how to a custom gradient wipe transition. This can also be called a luma wipe and others have called this the Sam Kolder effect (a filmmaker who appears to have made this transition popular). This custom transition takes advantage of how the gradient wipe creates transparency based on a clip's brightness or darkness. This means that the transition will dynamically work it's way from bright to dark sections or vice versa. —Motion Array

Motion Array: How To Change Fonts In Motion Graphics Templates

In this video we go through the process of changing fonts in .mogrt Motion Graphics files for Premiere Pro. Unfortunately, until now it has been frustrating and seemingly impossible to change fonts in these motion graphics files. Here we break down the method by which to re-create your .mogrt file as an After Effects file and change to font from within After Effects. Here we can then re-export the motion graphics template to use again back in Premiere Pro. —Motion Array

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