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Envato: 11 Trending Instagram Stories Templates for Premiere Pro

Instagram Stories are a format that is rapidly growing in popularity. And brands have taken notice. Whether it’s content or the promotion of a sale, the format is being used for a lot more than sharing what you ate for lunch. But, with this new vertical video format comes some challenges. How do you create high-quality vertical video content at scale? By using motion graphics templates like these. This is our list of 11 trending Instagram Stories templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects. —Envato

AP x 90: Sliding Reveal Tutorial for Instagram Stories (Premiere Pro)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do the sliding reveal effect for Instagram Stories. This effect is useful for photographers who want to show before and after edits, perfect for companies who want to show before and after product scenarios and great for makeup artists (MUA) to show before and after makeup transitions. This simple effect has many use cases and Premiere Bro users will find that the possibilities for how this effect can be used are endless. — AP x 90