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Adobe: Streamlining HDR Workflows: Dolby Supports Adobe XMP

Adobe XMP is an open standard for metadata, which allows content creators to add labels and settings instructions to media. With the growing power of modern cameras to capture an ever wider range of light and color, XMP offers powerful tools for including supplemental information about images and how they can be displayed, or optimized... This makes Adobe XMP a great match for Dolby Vision, an advanced standard for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content and displays. HDR describes modern imaging technologies, enabling televisions, for example, to produce more realistic images, with more contrast, more detail in the shadows and highlights, and deeper color. —Eric Philpott, Adobe

Larry Jordan: The Current State of HDR in Apple FCP X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Not sure where the development of HDR stands? Not sure what HDR is? Legendary trainer, Larry Jordan, shares not only what HDR (High Dynamic Range) is, but also the challenges facing post-production HDR workflows and mainstream HDR consumption. At ~6:05 Larry discusses the current state of HDR support in Premiere Pro CC.

Current support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) media is a series of small steps down a very long path. Current issues include monitoring, color grading, compression and distribution. In this short video, Larry Jordan explains the current state of HDR (High Dynamic Range) media in both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. He explains where we are now and where we are headed. —Larry Jordan