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Adobe: The Making of REMEMORY

REMEMORY - starring Peter Dinklage & Juliette Binoche - premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. The film's writer and director, Mark Palansky shares the project's journey from story to screen, and how Adobe tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects came into play. —Adobe

At 1:36, Mark says REMEMORY was cut in Premiere Pro because it was the NLE his editor, Tyler Nelson, was most familiar with. Tyler is Kirk Baxter's long-time assistant editor and part of the David Fincher editorial gang that cut Gone Girl in Premiere Pro. It's exciting to see Premiere Pro's success with Gone Girl bearing fruit in other films in this manner.

Premiere Pro's integration with After Effects also benefitted REMEMORY, says Mark. Keeping with David Fincher's style, REMEMORY has "more effects shots than you'd think." Mark expounds on this starting at 1:50. He says Dynamic Link with After Effects was particular helpful for creating proofs of concept on the fly during editorial. This immediacy allowed Mark and Tyler to act on their creative inspirations in the moment instead of "pinning it for later" or handing it off to an assistant editor.