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Peter McKinnon: Create the Cinematic look FAST in Adobe Premiere Pro

We've all seen the "Cinematic Look" or the "Hollywood Look" tutorial before, right? Well, Peter McKinnon shows you how in a way that is thorough, yet simple and easy to follow. Using the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro. Peter walks through his simple process of adding more drama to his shots with a couple easy slider moves.

Learn how to create more cinematic / Hollywood looking footage with some easy tips on colour correction and a little bit of sound design. This tutorial outlines some basics in colour grading within Premiere Pro without having to use third party plug-ins. —Peter McKinnon


CasualSavage: Hollywood Film Look in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Fan of the "Hollywood" look? Watch how YouTuber, Casual Savage creates his version of the Hollywood cinematic look in Premiere Pro. First, he applies the "Cinespace 50" Lumetri preset. Interestingly enough, Casual Savage uses the Fast Color Corrector for the actual color correction. 

How To: Hollywood Film Look in Adobe Premiere Pro CC! In this video, I will be showing you how to create Hollywood film look in Premiere Pro CC. If you want to apply this effect to more than one clip, I recommend creating an adjustment layer and adding on all of the effects to that. —Casual Savage


Premiere Pro Tutorial: Old Film Look

In this video, Tyler of Motion Array teaches how to create an old film look using only native Premiere Pro effects. Better still, all the effects are applied to one layer, allowing you to save this look as a preset in the Effects panel. This tutorial covers all the characteristics of old film: from sepia tone to scratches, flicker and noise, all in Premiere Pro.

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, you'll learn how to create a cool, stylized old film look inside of Adobe Premiere Pro. The best part of this tutorial is that the entire look is created on a single video track, so you can easily save out an old film preset to use in your future videos. —Tyler Williams