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Done With Dylan: Map Keyboard Shortcuts Visually in Adobe Premiere Pro

Hopefully you've feasted yours eyes on the new visual keyboard shortcut map in Premiere Pro CC 2017. Now it's time to learn how to use it! In this Done With Dylan video tutorial, Dylan Osborn explains the visual keyboard shortcut map, and shows how to map custom keyboard shortcuts... in three minutes!

Save time by mapping your keyboard shortcuts! In three minutes you'll learn how to use the new visual keyboard interface in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and later. It's a big win for editors, and you can map different commands to the same key. BONUS: At the end there’s a list of 30 shortcuts worth mapping on your own keyboard! —Dylan Osborn


Done With Dylan: Control Your Timeline with Track Height and Source Assignment Presets

In this episode of Done with Dylan, Adobe Certified Instructor, Dylan Osborn, teaches the fundamentals of track height and source assignment presets in Premiere Pro. First, Dylan shows the default keyboard shortcuts and menu options to control track heights and source assignments. Then, he shows how to create presets and assign them to custom keyboard shortcuts to accelerate changing track heights and source assignments. Take the time to learn these techniques; it will dramatically improve your editing speed and efficiency. 

Are you in control of your Adobe Premiere Pro timeline? When viewing tracks and editing clips into them, efficiency counts. This three and a half minute tutorial shows you how to use shortcuts and create presets for both track height and source assignments, so you can control your timeline and edit faster every day. —Dylan Osborn


Dylan Osborn: Set up a Proxy Workflow, Part 2

This is the 2nd Done With Dylan tutorial in a 2-part series on proxy workflows in Premiere Pro. In this video, Dylan Osborn shows how to create both an encoding and ingest preset for proxies. Choosing the right aspect ratio for your proxies can be confusing. Luckily, Dylan has done all the math for you. He has provided a proxy conversion chart with the aspect ratios and frame sizes for common footage resolutions (see below). Visit Dylan's site to download his Proxy Frame Size Conversion Chart.

Part two shows you how to create custom ingest presets for different proxy frame sizes in four minutes. —Dylan Osborn

Dylan Osborn: Set Up a Proxy Workflow, Part 1

In this Done with Dylan tutorial, Dylan Osborn teaches how to set up a proxy workflow in Premiere Pro. CC 2015.3 and later. He walks through how to generate proxies, and explains the default proxy formats and sizes. Dylan does the math for you and provides a conversion reference, so you can select the right format for your footage. This tutorial is part 1 of 2-part series.

Improved performance is the goal of a proxy workflow, but you need to choose the right preset for your media and manage proxies through the edit. Part one shows you how to get set up. —Dylan Osborn

Adobe Premiere Pro: Your Freeze Frame Options

Freeze! Hold it right there! In this third Done with Dylan episode, Adobe Premiere Pro trainer, Dylan Osborn, teaches the differences between the freeze frame options in Premiere Pro... in under two-and-a-half minutes! Learn more about the Done with Dylan Premiere Pro tutorial series here: "DONE WITH DYLAN" PREMIERE PRO TUTORIALS FOR INTERMEDIATE EDITORS.

Do you understand all the freeze frame options available in Adobe Premiere Pro? This "Done with Dylan" tutorial demonstrates nine different ways to make freeze frames in two and a half minutes, so you can choose the one that works best for your edit. —Dylan Osborn

Everything You Need to Know About Pancake Timelines

Many Premiere Pro users think they know pancake timeline editing in Premiere Pro. They drag and drop or copy and paste from one timeline to the other — and that's OK! But it's not editing, not in the traditional 3-point or 4-point editing sense. Certified Adobe Premiere Pro trainer, Dylan Osborn, clarifies what true pancake timeline editing is in this Done With Dylan tutorial. And he does it in less than 3 minutes! Learn more about Dylan's Premiere Pro tutorial series here: "Done with Dylan" Premiere Pro Tutorials for Intermediate Editors.

This "Done with Dylan" tutorial covers the useful features of pancake timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro. Did you know you can not only stack multiple timelines, but also insert and overwrite clips from one timeline to another? Learn all the steps in under 3 minutes. —Dylan Osborn

Done with Dylan: Scale vs Set to Frame Size

Award-winning editor and certified Adobe Premiere Pro trainer, Dylan Osborn, launches his Done with Dylan Premiere Pro tutorial series for intermediate editors. In this first tutorial, Dylan demonstrates the difference between Scale to Frame Size and Set to Frame Size in Premiere Pro.

What is the difference between the Scale and Set to Frame Size options in Premiere Pro, and how can you use them? I hear this question frequently in my training sessions. This tutorial covers all your options in under two minutes. —Dylan Osborn