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Justin Odisho: 5 Essential Meme Video Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this video I will show you 5 Essential MEME Video Editing techniques. Memes may be fun but they are no joke when it comes to social media influence, marketing, and promotion. Here's some fun editing that may also get you hired in the future. DANK. 1. Video distortion Effects 2. LOUD Audio Distortion 3. Color Distortion 4. Zoom pan & Crop 5. Content Aware Scale Gif meme. —Justin Odisho Error - Free Glitch & Distortion Presets for Premiere Pro

This free pack comes with 5 distortion and glitch effects:

- Horizontal Pull: Bad TV distortion effect
- The shaker: Hard video shake effect
- Time Glitch: Time reverse and ghosting
- Total Chaos: Extreme zoom, color shifts and inverses
- Block Distortion: Bad connection or encoding distortion


After you’ve downloaded the presets pack, you’ll find one preset file. From the Adobe Premiere Pro ‘Effects and Presets’ tab, you can right-click on ‘presets’ and say ‘Import Presets…’. Select the downloaded preset and press ok. You’ll now find a folder named ‘ERROR’, which will contain 5 pre-animated glitch and distortion presets which you can easily drag and drop to any clip.

NOTE: Due to limitations of Premiere Pro you can not use all presets on an adjustment layer. Please use the presets directly on your clip, or nest your clips to create a glitch transition. Create a glitch (distortion) effect in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, Jordy Vandeput of shows how to create a glitchy distortion effect inside Premiere Pro. Learn how to use the Color Balance (RGB) effect to separate the red, green and blue channels, and then use blend modes to make your shot look like it's tearing apart at the seams! Remember, you can save your glitchy distortion effect as a preset to use over and over again.

The glitch effect is something very popular that is usually created inside After Effects. Some third party plugins even allow many customization. But the glitch effect is actually not that hard to create, that’s why we’re letting Premiere Pro shine again. —Jordy Vandeput, Cinecom