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Christian Maté Grab: How to Create an Instagram Story in Premiere Pro

Here's a quick tutorial on how to create Instagram Stories in Adobe Premiere Pro! As you may have seen it on my Instagram channel I often use videos I recorded with the Sony or the Mavic in my story so I put together how I create them in Premiere Pro, how to render the video and also how I send it to my phone in best quality. —Christian Maté Grab

Make your Instagram Stories more cinematic by sharing video edited and color graded in Premiere Pro. In this tutorial, Christian Maté Grab shares his method for creating Instagram Stories in Premiere Pro. He opens up his Sequence Settings at 0:33 to show you his vertical video dimensions for his stories. (Yes, vertical. It's a legit format now. Get over it.) He edits his Instagram stories in a 9:16 sequence that's 900x1600 pixels. As a bonus, Christian does some quick color grading in the Lumetri Color panel at 1:20

At 1:58 Christian reveals his settings for exporting video to Instagram. Pause the video to read his settings as he scrolls through them. One key thing to point out is Christian uses a 15 Mbps bitrate and encodes his videos at Maximum Depth and Maximum Render quality.

Lastly, at 2:35 Christian shows how he uses Apple's Air Drop to transfer the video from his Mac to his iPhone to post to Instagram Stories.

Christian Maté Grab: Fake Camera Movements in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to reframe and add movement to your shots in this visually dramatic Premiere Pro tutorial from Christian Maté Grab. Christian uses 4K footage but your footage doesn't have to be 4K. (It definitely doesn't hurt either!) As Christian explains at 0:50, the trick is having footage that is larger than your sequence size, giving you the extra resolution to animate the image without any quality loss. With more and more cameras offering 4K (including mobile devices!) this is an lesson for creating faux camera movements or angles in Premiere Pro.

How to Fake Camera Movements in Adobe Premiere Pro (Tutorial) In this Tutorial I'm gonna show you a great and easy technique to fake camera movements in post with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro and Keyframes without any third-party-plugins. —Christian Maté Grab