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Premiere Gal: Learn Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes | Basic Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is Adobe approved and the easiest Premiere Pro CC tutorial to get started in video editing! In this tutorial you will learn how to install Adobe Creative Cloud, how to create a Premiere Pro CC project, media organization strategies, how to import media, create sequences, add effects and transitions, create titles and graphics, color correct, and how to export your video! —Premiere Gal

TheyCallMeCotton: How To Edit A Music Video In Adobe Premiere Pro From Start To Finish

When I started my youtube channel at the beginning of 2017, the first tutorial I uploaded was a 3 part series on how to edit music videos in adobe premiere pro. This is all 3 parts put into one tutorial because I don't feel like enough people seen that series. My work flow is currently a little different than this but this is a complete guide for a proven music video editing workflow. —TheyCallMeCotton

Steven Van: Adobe Premiere Pro CC Basic Video Editing Guide for Beginners!

Learn how to edit your YouTube videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017! Other previous versions of this video editing software are similar to the CC 2017 version so you should still be able to follow this tutorial if you do have an older version. This video is meant to teach any beginners who are trying to learn the basics of video editing to edit in one of the best, if not the best video editor for Windows/Mac. —Steven Van