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Acuity Training: Adobe Productivity – 69 Experts Reveal Their Top Tips

To learn how the pros use Adobe CC we reached out to 69 professionals that use Adobe products all the time and asked them: What Is Your Top Adobe Productivity Tip? From favorite plugins to keyboard shortcuts that they use all the time (and most other people don’t know about) to workflow tips for working with multiple files they told us exactly how they do it. —Acuity Training

Premiere Gal: How to Use The Audio Network Plugin in Premiere Pro CC

Kelsey Brannan a.k.a. Premiere Gal demos the Audio Network panel for Premiere Pro CC. Watch how easy it is to browse and license production music without leaving Premiere Pro!

Select production music in Adobe Premiere Pro using the Audio Network Music plugin, download here: Note: This video demos downloads for what it is like to be an Audio Network member. It is slightly different for users who trial an MP3 in their edits and then get a full-quality WAV file after they purchase. —Premiere Gal