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JK Design: Adobe Video World 2016: 8 Takeaways for Video Creators

Premiere Bro and JK Design partner up to present a summary of the major themes from Adobe Video World 2016. Topics include: Creative Cloud updates, VR and Character Animator. This blog post is a cross-section of industry trends, not just in the Premiere Pro user community, but for all video creators.

Adobe Video World is a must-attend event for video creators who want to learn Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, and interact with the Adobe product managers, designers and engineers who develop those applications. —Sean Schools, JK Design


Adobe Video World 2016 Day 5

Highlights from Day 5 of Adobe Video World 2016:

  • Secondary Color Correction in After Effects CC
  • Mocha AE Essentials
  • VR Workflows: Stitching and Effects
  • After Effects Expressions
  • Premiere Pro Driven After Effects Expressions

Adobe Video World 2016 Day 4

Highlights from Day 4 of Adobe Video World 2016:

  • Winning Over Clients with Quality Questions
  • Case Study
  • Working with Effects in Premiere Pro CC
  • Tips for Better Masking and Tracking
  • Staying Organized in Premiere Pro CC
  • Creative Cloud Workflow Case Study
  • VR Storytelling and Interactivity

Adobe Video World 2016 Day 3

Highlights from Day 3 of Adobe Video World 2016:

  • Adobe Day
  • Happy 25th Birthday Adobe Premiere Pro
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane with Al Mooney
  • Panel Discussion on Team Projects
  • Lunch and Breakout Sessions with Adobe Employees
  • The Future of Adobe
  • Adobe Video World Expo Night

Adobe Video World 2016 Day 2


  • Must-Know Plugins for Premiere Pro CC
  • Gravity Waves and Proxy Workflows
  • Logging Strategies and Tips
  • An Introduction to VR
  • The Power of Pancake Timeline Editing
  • The Art of Editing Trailers

Adobe Video World 2016 Day 1

Highlights from Day 1 of Adobe Video World 2016:

  • A close look at the new features coming to Premiere Pro CC
  • Audio mixing order of operations, and submixes in Premiere Pro CC
  • Organizing a Premiere Pro CC project by story and theme
  • A quick After Effects CC tip for label colors
  • Tangent Ripple demo, and on-the-go color workflows 

Adobe: 5 Things to Look Forward to at Adobe Video World 2016

In this Adobe Creative Cloud blog post, Sean Schools a.k.a. Premiere Bro lists 5 things to get excited about at Adobe Video World 2016. Highlights include new trainers, VR, Character Animator, and celebrating Adobe Premiere Pro's 25th anniversary! It's an insightful read for Adobe Video World attendees.

There’s a lot to look forward to at this year’s Adobe Video World in Seattle, and not just for attendees. —Sean Schools, Premiere Bro

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Adobe Video World 2016 is just around the corner! The good news is there's still time to sign up. The bad news is having to decide what to do with an extra $100 when you use promo code "BRO16". Check out these highlights from last year's Adobe Video World.