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Jason Levine: How to Mix Dialog & Music Together with Auto-Gate & Auto-Ducking in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use the revamped Dynamics effect in Premiere Pro CC 2018, focusing on it's beautiful Auto-Gating feature that allows you to easily silence passage between spoken dialogue. After that, I'll send the sequence to Audition CC to automatically 'duck' the music below the dialogue with the new 'Auto Ducking' feature, which is part of the Essential Sound Panel in the latest release. —Jason Levine

Acuity Training: Adobe Productivity – 69 Experts Reveal Their Top Tips

To learn how the pros use Adobe CC we reached out to 69 professionals that use Adobe products all the time and asked them: What Is Your Top Adobe Productivity Tip? From favorite plugins to keyboard shortcuts that they use all the time (and most other people don’t know about) to workflow tips for working with multiple files they told us exactly how they do it. —Acuity Training

tutvid: How to Remove Background Noise, Buzzing, Hum in Premiere Pro

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will dive into the technical side of reducing and removing background noise, background buzz, background hum, and any buzzing or humming sounds using the Adaptive Noise Reduction and shipping the audio track over to Audition for heavy duty background noise reduction and the seamless workflow of Premiere and Audition. We will also FINALLY cover what all those sliders in Adaptive Noise Reduction are, how to reduce that annoying two second “Adapting” phase of the effect, and a super secret trick to applying the Noise Reduction to multiple clips without the re-adapting for each new clip. If you deal with sound, interviews, spoken word, or other in Premiere, you will find great value in this video. —tutvid