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Javier Mercedes: 4k GoPro Timelapse Workflow in Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro

GoPro TimeLapse Workflow - How to export your GoPro time-lapse photos into a video using Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro. A Tutorial walking you through concepts like converting 4:3 ratio GoPro timelapse photos to 16:9 4k HD video. Color Correcting your photos and syncing your settings to each photo in Lightroom and then exporting to premiere pro is the best way to do great looking Go Pro Time Lapses in my opinion. —Javier Mercedes

Premiumbeat: How to Create Digital Zooms with 4K Footage in Premiere Pro

In the world of 4K video, videographers and filmmakers are finding ways to work with footage in creative new ways. One of the coolest aspects of shooting 4K is the flexibility to create new compositions in post and add digital framing modifications, like the zoom. This assumes that you’re working with 4K footage in a 1920×1080 sequence, but it should still look good for many online platforms. So, let’s dive into a step-by-step guide on how to add digital zoom — and how to make it look its best. —Jourdan Aldredge, Premiumbeat