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Piotr Toczyński: How to Find Right Clips in Premiere Pro Timeline

When editing video in Premiere Pro, sometimes it’s necessary to find the needed clip as quickly as possible. There is the search function 🔍in Premiere Pro that makes it easy. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to use Find in Timeline feature in Premiere Pro. For example, you can search based on the clip name, the frame rate, effects applied, markers, labels, description and so on. —Piotr Toczyński

Jordan Dueck: 1 Simple Trick To Make Your Subjects Stand Out in Premiere Pro

Want your subjects to stand out more? It's easy! In Premiere pro it's easy to isolate your character's face or entire figure with a simple mask. The best part is that Premiere Pro is able to recognize movement in the scene and adjust so that the changes are subtle. Making your subject stand out is quick and easy, so let's dive into Premiere Pro and check out how to get this effect! —Jordan Dueck