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Premiere Gal: How to Auto-Transcribe Video with Transcriptive in Premiere Pro

In this 3-part tutorial series, Premiere Gal walks through how to use Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive to auto-transcribe videos in Premiere Pro. Transcriptive is a paid service that uses AI to quickly transcribe audio with 95% accuracy! Premiere Gal goes on to show how your transcribed files can be used to edit faster in Premiere Pro, and also increase SEO with captions uploaded to YouTube and Facebook.

Jason Levine: How to Mix Dialog & Music Together with Auto-Gate & Auto-Ducking in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use the revamped Dynamics effect in Premiere Pro CC 2018, focusing on it's beautiful Auto-Gating feature that allows you to easily silence passage between spoken dialogue. After that, I'll send the sequence to Audition CC to automatically 'duck' the music below the dialogue with the new 'Auto Ducking' feature, which is part of the Essential Sound Panel in the latest release. —Jason Levine