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Motion Array: How To Create Subtitles and Captions in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, we're going to learn to create great subtitles! However, we're going to use a method that you may be less familiar with. If you thought that we were going to use the type tool or legacy titles, you're in good company, but we're actually going to use something different. Premiere Pro has a feature called "captions" that you can use to create subtitles. The main difference is that this feature gives you the option to create subtitles that can be turned on and off after the video has been exported! —Motion Array

Steven Van: Create a Boomerang Video in Premiere Pro

Learn how to create a boomerang loop effect video with this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 tutorial! This video editing effect has become increasingly popular on social media platforms because of Instagram, who created the "Boomerang" feature. This tutorial is very easy so beginners should be able to follow. Only simple key framing & speed/duration changes are needed in order to achieve this look. —Steven Van

Adobe: Meeting Daily News Deadlines with Premiere Pro

The editing application of choice at nachtblau is Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The team transitioned from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro in 2014, right around the time Annika Kӧnig was learning to be an editor, which helped to level the playing field for her. She not only became an editor, her knowledge of Premiere Pro also gave her the opportunity to become a support editor to the chief editor, helping troubleshoot issues in the early days of the transition. —Adobe