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Dave Helmly: What's New in Premiere Pro CC Spring April 2017 Update (NAB 2017)

In this video I’ll review the top features in the Spring 2017 release of Premiere Pro CC v11.1. 
You’ll see an entirely new workflow for creating Motion Graphics Templates (Premiere and AfterEffects) and our new file format for these templates - .mogrt files. We are also introducing an intuitive way to work with Audio called the Essential Sound Panel. I’ll cover our initial support for Ambisonic VR audio, contribute to Adobe Stock , and new support for DynamicLink for Team Projects. —Dave Helmly

ProVideo Coalition: Adobe Updates Premiere Pro CC for April 2017

Here we are on the cusp of another NAB so like we’ve seen for the last few years that must mean we are on the cusp of a big update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the whole Adobe Creative Cloud video suite. 2017 is no different … but there is one big difference this year: we won’t have to wait until sometime late summer to get the update as it should be available much sooner, probably today … maybe right now as you’re reading this (check your Creative Cloud app as it might take longer to populate to some users). —Scott Simmons, ProVideo Coalition