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Premiumbeat: How to End Audio Tracks in Premiere Pro

Here are four simple solutions for fading out audio while working in Premiere Pro. If you’re just getting into editing or aren’t accustomed to working with audio, transitioning and cutting can be tricky. Distinguishing when to fade out or make a hard cut is up to you, but knowing how to make the transition will benefit all of your future projects. Let’s take a look at some different ways to end a track. —Logan Baker, Premiumbeat

Adobe: Celebrating 25 Years of Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere, released in 1991, was part of that revolution. Instead of a traditional video editing system comprised of expensive hardware, Premiere was software-only and could run on an affordable computer. With Adobe Premiere the user could place clips on the timeline, add effects, transitions, and a soundtrack. It looks simple by today’s standards, but it opened the door to anyone who wanted to learn the art of visual storytelling. —Adobe

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