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Create a scribble animation in Premiere Pro from the Bruno Mars music video That’s what I like. Learn how to draw and animate shapes without plugins. Creating such scribble animations or drawings can be done within the Titler of Premiere. With the pen tool, you easily create any shape you like. —

Scribble animations are rising in popularity, especially in music videos. Jordy Vandeput of shows how to create your own scribbles on top of your footage in Premiere Pro.

Spark Scribble

If you're new to this technique you may be surprised to learn that the scribbles are actually title files made in Premiere Pro's Title Designer. At 1:23 Jordy shows how to create the first scribble title using the Pen tool in the Title Designer. Then he adds the title to his timeline and adjusts the position and scale in the Effect Controls panel. 

With the scribble title in the timeline, it's time to create some animation. At 3:02 Jordy applies the Circle effect to the scribble title. It's critical to change the blend mode to Stencil Alpha so that the Circle effect reveals the scribble. Next, make sure the anchor point of the Circle effect is in the middle of the scribble so that it reveals from from the center. Keyframe the Radius so that the circle reveals the scribble.

Bubble Scribble

Now that you know how to create a scribble animation that looks like a spark, continue watching as Jordy shows how to do a more complicated bubble scribble effect. Starting at 5:03, Jordy draws the bubble, adds the Roughen edges effect and keyframes it's position so that it appears to float up from the ground.

How to Edit a Music Video (7 Tutorials for Make The Cut Contest)

In honor of 25 Years of Premiere Pro, Adobe has partnered with Imagine Dragons to produce Make The Cut, a one-of-a-kind music video editing contest. Contestants are able to download the actual production footage of the official Imagine Dragons "Believers" music video, and cut their own version for the chance to win $25,000! 

Here are 7 tutorials, edited from an Adobe Premiere Pro Facebook livestream, featuring Adobe Evangelist, Jason Levine, teaching how to access the "Believers" production footage and begin editing your music video. Each video is a great tutorial on its own, but this series will especially give Make The Cut contestants a comfortable start in Premiere Pro.

With the chance to win fame and fortune, there's no better time to learn Premiere Pro; sign up for Make The Cut, download the footage and follow along with Jason in these music video tutorials.

D.L. Watson: The Most Efficient Way to Trim Content to a Specific Length in Premiere Pro

Ever in a situation where your client wants you to cut your video down to a specific timecode? Ever try it and cut too much out? This quick tip will hopefully help you cut out the perfect amount every time! —D. L. Watson

Independent filmmaker, D. L. Watson shares his own innovative technique for cutting down an edit to a specific length. The scenario in this tutorial is D. L. needs to cut a 48-minute TV episode down to 44-minutes. How do you keep track of how much content you need to cut?

At 0:35 D. L. adds a timeline marker at the required 44-minute mark. Next he adds a Transparent Video clip starting at the 44-minute marker, and stretches it to the end of his program. The Transparent Video clip is now the exact length of content that he needs to cut to meet his 44-minute total runtime. 

When D. L. finds filler content that he can cut at 0:56 he slides the Transparent Video clip over the area and makes the edit. As he continues to make edits, the Transparent Video clip gets smaller and smaller indicating he's getting closer to his 44-minute total runtime.