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YCImaging: Faded Color Grade Tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Chrystopher Rhodes aka YCImaging shows how to get that increasingly popular faded film look in Premiere Pro. First, he quickly walks through his own color correction process, increases the contrast, and at 1:15 he shows how he pulls out some of the browns in his footage using the HSL Secondary tools in the Lumetri Color panel. Then, at 2:29 Chrystopher shows two different ways to achieve the faded film look. The first way is the obvious Faded Film slider in the Creative tab of the Lumetri Color panel. But as Chrystopher points out, that can sometimes mess with your midtones. The second way gives you more control over your faded film look, and that's by using the Curves in the Lumetri Color panel.

In this tutorial I show you how to create a faded/vintage look for your color grade using Adobe Premiere Pro! —YCImaging

Chinfat: Markers - Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Everything you wanted to know about markers in Premiere Pro. YouTuber, Chinfat, talks about markers in-depth in this episode of his Premiere Pro CC 2017 tutorial series. He starts off by showing what markers are, and how sequence and clip markers are different. At 5:34 Chinfat covers one of his favorite marker features: in and out points. This can be done by Option (Alt) clicking on markers or by modifying the duration field in the Marker inspector window. Markers can also be color coded, which Chinfat demonstrates at 7:54. He also shows how to search sequence or clip markers by color and text in the Marker panel at 8:50. Chinfat's tutorial is so thorough, at 10:47 he even explains how markers are saved to XMP files, which are stored in Premiere Pro's Media Cache Database. These settings can be controlled under Preferences. Finally, at 12:33 Chinfat shows how to enable Ripple Sequence Markers under the Markers menu. This setting is critical if you're making edits and want your markers to stay in sync with your clips. This is a long tutorial, but you'll walk away with a deep understanding of markers in Premiere Pro. Mark my words.

This episode covers the use of markers for organization in Premiere Pro. —Chinfat

LensProToGo: Adobe Premiere Pro CC Bin Orginization

Do workflow tutorials make your editing chops salivate? Then you're going to enjoy this LensProToGo tutorial on bin organization in Premiere Pro. In this video, Dave of Archaius Creative shares his Premiere Pro bin structure for wedding, corporate and tutorial videos. He opens all his bins, explaining their purposes and how they might vary depending on your project. Great watch, especially if you're looking for a role model for your bin structure.

Dave from Archaius Creative, a Post House for Wedding and Commercial work, walks us through their organization for bins to increase productivity and keep all your content in order. —LensProToGo