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Adobe Premiere Pro at Sundance 2017

Sundance 2017 Premiere Pro Highlights

Sundance Film Festival saw an 81% increase in projects that were made with Adobe tools. That includes 97 films (out of 200) edited in Premiere Pro. In this post, you'll find some Premiere Pro highlights from Sundance 2017.

Adobe: Premiere Pro (11.0.2) Update

Premiere Pro CC 2017 (11.0.2) is now available for download. This update fixes bugs affecting the Titler and captions, file formats, export and render, keyboard shortcuts, and the Media Browser. Love the smell of squashed bugs in the morning!

Today we’re releasing the second stability update for Premiere Pro CC 2017 since our November launch. The 11.0.2 update contains important bug fixes and is recommended for all users. —Adobe


Learn How To Edit Stuff: How To Blur Logos (Or Anything Else) in Premiere Pro

Blurring logos can be a pain. Whatever the reason, Ian Sans, the main man of Learn How To Edit Stuff, teaches how to easily blur logos inside Premiere Pro. Even if your logo is moving, at 1:58 Ian shows how to track your blur onto the logo so it's always obscured!

In this video, learn how to track and blur objects in Adobe Premiere CC! Great for blurring license plates, phone screens, clothing logos and more. —Learn How To Edit Stuff


RedShark News: Premiere Pro Video Transitions 101: A Step-by-Step Guide [sponsored]

This RedShark News blog post is an introduction to transitions in Premiere Pro for beginners. It's also an introduction to RocketStock's Stanza, a video transition pack for Premiere Pro with over 200 transitions. As best I can tell, Stanza's transitions are not effects, they're clips that you can lay over your footage in combination with the Track Matte Key and other effects in Premiere Pro. Cool stuff!

With Premiere Pro, you don’t need to be a seasoned editor to add seamless video transitions to your project. Whether you’re stitching together vacation videos for the first time or putting the final touches on your YouTube debut, it’s easy to achieve a professional look when moving from shot A to shot B. —RedShark News


VideoRevealed: Making Cool Animation Presets in Adobe Premiere Pro

Would like to design your own animation and save it as a preset in Premiere Pro? Colin Smith of VideoRevealed will show you how, using social media icons. At 4:50, Colin explains the differences between the three effect preset types: scale, anchor to in point and anchor to out point. Another helpful tip in this video is, instead of animating the Motion parameters, Colin uses the Transform effect, which can add motion blur inside Premiere Pro.

If you've every tried to make on screen graphics look interesting, you know it can take some time and finesse. This tutorial will show you how to easily create organic animations and how to save and reuse them in future projects. —VideoRevealed


Premiumbeat: How to Record a Voice-Over Straight in Premiere Pro’s Timeline

In this Premiumbeat tutorial, Jason Boone helps you lay down that voiceover directly in the timeline in Premiere Pro. He explains each of the record settings and how to setup the file path for your recording. After reading this post, all you'll need is some lemon water for your next Premiere Pro VO recording sesh.

In this exclusive PremiumBeat tutorial, you’ll learn how to record a voice-over directly to your timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat Blog

Premiumbeat: Harness the Power of the Alt Key in Premiere Pro

Get to know your Alt (or Option) key with this Premiumbeat tutorial. Jason Boone lists six important functions of the alt key in Premiere Pro. Such functions include Ripple Delete, Replace, and Rearrange clips. I use these six functions all the time in Premiere Pro. Try experimenting with the alt key in other commands to see what "alternative" or "optional" functions you come up with.

Learn how to harness the power of the Alt key to drastically speed up your Premiere Pro video editing workflow. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat Blog


RocketStock: Tips For Editing Audio in Premiere Pro

Need some resources for editing audio in Premiere Pro? Jourdan Aldredge will hook you up with four helpful YouTube tutorials in this RocketStock blog post. Techniques covered in these tutorials include mastering audio, audio effects and removing background noise. Admittedly, this is curating curated content. But audio is often a downplayed part of the editing process, so I try to promote Premiere Pro audio tutorials when I can. Even if it means recycling content.

Recording audio is an important part of production that’s often overlooked, which can create some aggravating problems in post. Here are some solutions for cleaning up audio in Premiere Pro. —Jourdan Aldredge, RocketStock Blog

Source: How to Chroma/Green Screen Effectively in Premiere Pro

Third party chroma keyers certainly offer more, but the Ultra Key in Premiere Pro is more than sufficient for most green screen shots. Of course, as Jordy Vandeput mentions in the beginning of this tutorial, the basis of a good key is the quality of your footage. Assuming you have a good shot, Jordy will who you how to get a high quality key in Premiere Pro. At 2:06, Jordy demonstrates the value of garbage matte (a mask that eliminates problem areas in your shot) and at 3:08, he shows how the alpha channel output view can help you clean up your key. 

Learn how to pull a clean chroma/green key in Adobe Premiere Pro. See the options of the Ultra Key effect to achieve a professional result. Remember the last film you saw? Or watched the weather forecast? Chances are it was full of green screens. —