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Premiumbeat: Create a Simple Submix in Adobe Premiere Pro

Submixes are so convenient. They make global audio adjustments to specific tracks easy by grouping them into one mix. In this Premiumbeat tutorial, Jason Boone shows you how simple it is to create a submix track in Premiere Pro. Submixes are also a great way to create audio stems of your dialogue, music, SFX, etc.

Need to apply audio and effect changes to multiple audio tracks — all at the same time? No problem. Follow these steps to create a submix in Adobe Premiere Pro. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat Blog


Justin Odisha: How to create a VHS VCR Camcorder Video Look in Adobe Premiere Pro

Reminiscing about the 90's? In this video tutorial, Justin Odisho teaches how to give your footage that timeless VCR look using native effects in Premiere Pro. For example, Justin begins with the Arithmetic effect to create a faux chromatic aberration. It's way cool. Now your footage can look like home videos again!

In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 tutorial I will show you how to create a vcr / vhs look using video effects, noise, glitches, and color distortions. Apologies for the semi rough voice in this one, getting over a cold! Back to normal soon. —Justin Odisho


Peter McKinnon: Create the Cinematic look FAST in Adobe Premiere Pro

We've all seen the "Cinematic Look" or the "Hollywood Look" tutorial before, right? Well, Peter McKinnon shows you how in a way that is thorough, yet simple and easy to follow. Using the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro. Peter walks through his simple process of adding more drama to his shots with a couple easy slider moves.

Learn how to create more cinematic / Hollywood looking footage with some easy tips on colour correction and a little bit of sound design. This tutorial outlines some basics in colour grading within Premiere Pro without having to use third party plug-ins. —Peter McKinnon


Justin Odisho: How to Save and Use Custom Transition & Color Effects in Premiere Pro

Custom effects and transitions are really cool because they're yours. Safeguard them forever by saving them as presets. Tutorialist extraordinaire, Justin Odisho, shows you how to create effects presets in Premiere Pro so you can quickly apply your favorite custom effects to any project.

In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial, I will show you how to create and use your own custom presets for free. This will allow you to save major time creating color effects and transitions on clips and projects. The possibilities are endless when you combine presets together and use different adjustment layers, sequences, and clips. —Justin Odisho


2017 ACE EDDIE Awards: Deadpool and Hail, Caesar! (Edited in Premiere Pro)

Congrats to the post-production teams of Deadpool and Hail, Caesar! for being nominated for the Eddie award for Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy). This is a big win for Adobe because both films were edited in Premiere Pro CC. Click the links below to read Adobe's blog posts on these films.


Boris FX: Finishing Techniques with BCC + Premiere Pro

Learn some advanced finishing techniques Boris FX Continuum Complete 10 for Adobe in this hour-long Boris FX webinar with visual effects artist and trainer, Ben Brownlee. Even if you don't have BCC 10 for Premiere Pro, this webinar will expose you to new finishing techniques for your video projects. And you may want to consider investing in BCC 10 for Premiere Pro.

Topics Covered: Pump up your effects by animating them to music with Beat Reactor Make your talent look their best with image restoration tools like Beauty Studio & Magic Sharp Easily track effects with the integrated mocha/PixelChooser Create broadcast ready multi-layered titles. —Boris FX