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Adobe: Premiere Pro CC (November 2016) Bug-Fix Update Is Now Available

The first bug-squashing update (11.0.1) is now available for Premiere Pro CC 2017. This update fixes two bugs:

  1. Changing the titler to South Asian and creating a title could cause a crash when attempting to add text.
  2. Occasional crashes could occur when importing media from Media Browser with the preview control enabled.

The 11.0.1 bug-fix update for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (November 2016) is now available. This update fixes two important bugs and is recommended for all users.


Premiumbeat: Move Assets Between Premiere Pro and After Effects

There's more than one way to move media between Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. In this Premiumbeat tutorial, Jason Boone demonstrates the multiple way assets can be copied and pasted between the applications. For example, clips can be copied and pasted from Project panel to Project panel. There are several things that can't be copied and pasted between Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, and Jason lists them in the blog post.

After Effects and Premiere Pro are designed to work well with eachother. In this helpful tutorial we'll take a look at how to quickly move assets between the programs. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat Blog


Premiere Gal: Sky Replacement in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Want to add a little pop to your sky? In this video tutorial, Kelsey Brannan a.k.a. Premiere Gal, shows how to use the Title Designer in Premiere Pro CC to make color adjustments to a sky. This is a technique learned from Adobe Premiere Pro master trainer, Jarle Leirpoll

Buy Jarle Leirpoll's book: "The Cool Stuff In Premiere Pro" 30% off using code: MAX —Kelsey Brannan, Premiere Gal


Motion Tutorials: Live Text Templates with After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2017

The release of CC 2017 added the ability to export After Effects compositions as Text Template projects. This new project file (.aecap) can be imported into Premiere Pro CC, where the composition text layers can be edited in the Master Clip effects tab of the Effect Controls panel. In this tutorial, Sean Frangella of Motion Tutorials walks through the process of setting up a Text Template in After Effects CC and exporting it to be used in Premiere Pro CC.

In this After Effects CC 2017 Tutorial, learn how to create live text templates between Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro using the new live text template feature in Creative Cloud 2017. —Sean Frangella, Motion Tutorials


Adobe: Known Issues in Premiere Pro CC 2017 (November 2016)

Adobe has released a list of known issues in Premiere Pro CC 2017. If you are using Premiere Pro CC 2017, or considering upgrading, it is highly recommended you read this, and be aware of these issues. Please note that for each issue, there is an Adobe-recommended workaround. 

This document provides information on the list of known issues in the Premiere Pro CC 2017 (November 2016) release. —Adobe


Justin Odisho: How to Blend, Combine & Overlay Video Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this video tutorial, Justin Odisho shows how to overlay stacked clips in a sequence using blend modes in Premiere Pro CC. Blend modes are a fantastic way to add intense visual effects to your video; experimenting with them can unlock some very creative looks. Justin's video is an excellent introduction to using blend modes to spice up your edit.

In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 tutorial, I will show you how to combine and blend multiple clips using blending modes and opacity. This will allow you to overlay clips on top of each other to create interesting video effects! —Justin Odisho


Improve Photography: How to Create Silky Smooth Hyperlapse Photography Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Kevin D. Jordan of Improve Photography shares his process for hyperlapse photography, and how he uses Premiere Pro CC for assembling his images. 

For how much work planning and shooting a hyperlapse can be, the editing processing is surprisingly simple.  For those following along, I assembled my hyperlapse frames in Adobe Premiere. —Kevin D. Jordan, Improve Photography


VideoRevealed: Multi-track Zoom in Adobe Premiere Pro

Colin Smith of VideoRevealed answers the question: how to scale multiple clips at the same time in Premiere Pro. This video tutorial is not about zooming in the Timeline panel. Instead, Colin shows two ways of scaling clips in a sequence that are stacked in a quad-split screen. He shows how it can be done by nesting the stacked clips in a nested sequence that has the clips native resolution, and he shows how it can be done using the Transform effect on an Adjustment layer above the clips.

This tutorial will show you two different ways to zoom (scale) into multiple tracks at the same time. There's also a quick tip on how to lock titles to a fixed zoom while the other tracks are changing. Please support us on Patreon so we can continue to create the content you want! —VideoRevealed


Premiumbeat: 5 Ways to Use Markers in Premiere Pro

When it comes to editing workflow, markers are one of the most versatile tools in Premiere Pro. In this Premiumbeat tutorial, Jason Boone teaches how to use them for labeling, navigating, filtering, synching, and editing to beat. See how these marker techniques can be incorporated into your Premiere Pro editing workflow.

Markers in Premiere Pro are among the best tools available for video editors working in Adobe’s NLE. Versatile, easy to use, and exceptionally handy, markers are perfect for workflow optimization. In the video tutorial below, we’ll look at five ways to incorporate them today. —Jason Boone, Premiumbeat Blog